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Standard Offer Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the current status of Xcel Energy's Residential and Hard-to-Reach programs?

The Residential and the Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program will begin accepting applications for their 2023 Programs on January 4th, 2023 through December 31, 2023. Please see the Application tab for more information.

Q. Are screw-in CFLs in the Residential and Hard-to-Reach SOP?


Q. Are LED's allowed in the Residential and Hard-to-Reach programs?

Yes, We have a program through local retailers to buy down the price of LED bulbs and sponsors may choose to install qualified LEDs.

Q. How is participant eligibility determined?

All participants must be customers of Xcel Energy Texas as identified by use of the premise or meter number. The online search function in the database will validate all Xcel Energy Texas customers. Participants may include:

  • Single Family - A residential dwelling consisting of four or less units ( i.e. a quadriplex or less)
  • Mobile Home – A manufactured home on a chassis with wheels so it can be moved to different locations; it is considered pier and beam floor construction, usually with the perimeter skirting from floor to the ground.
  • Multi-Family – A residential building containing more than four dwelling units individually metered. Each unit is counted as a residence. The common areas are considered commercial space and are not eligible in the Res/HTR SOP. Master metered facilities are classified as Commercial facilities and are not eligible in the Res/HTR SOP. Town homes consisting of more than four connected units are multi-family.

Note: All multi-family projects must be approved by Xcel Energy prior to installation. Market Actors must request pre-approval via the website and provide a work schedule at least ten (10) working days prior to measure installation.

Q. Are previously treated customers eligible for this program?

Previously Treated Customers are Ineligible for this Program:
There have been energy efficiency programs in the past five to ten years that have treated residential customers for certain measures included in the SOP program. Xcel Energy program managers want to emphasize to Project Sponsors that customers previously served by these programs are not eligible to receive the same services or measure installations under the current SOP for a period of 10 years.

Q. Where can I find the current official version of the Program Manual and Contract?

The current official manual and contract are available here Program Manual and on the downloads pages of this site. Please check back here frequently for news on recent changes.

Q. Does Xcel Energy offer any tools to help project sponsors estimate project impacts?

Yes, all calculators used are in xcelenergyefficiency.com.

Q. Xcel Energy's Texas service area falls into which weather zones?

The Panhandle and the North Regions are in Weather Zone 1.