Xcel Energy

Small Business Market
Transformation Program

Small Business Market Transformation Program

This site contains information about Xcel Energy’s Small Business Market Transformation Program (MTP), which offers financial incentives for the installation of:

  • energy efficient lighting and lighting controls,
  • HVAC equipment, and
  • cool roofs

on the premises of eligible small business customers served by Xcel Energy in Texas.

Project Sponsor enrollment applications will be accepted starting 12/14/2020, and applications for incentive funding for new projects will be accepted starting 1/4/2021, for the 2021 program year.

2021 incentives are $0.15/kWh saved for energy efficiency lighting and lighting controls, and $0.40/kWh for HVAC equipment and cool roofs. Please see the Program Guidebook for complete details. Energy savings from various retrofits are calculated using the following equipment survey worksheets:


The program is administered by Frontier Energy for Xcel Energy. Eligible customers may request incentives for projects by:

  • Registering as a Project Sponsor themselves on EnerTrek® and uploading a signed copy of the Participation Agreement;
  • Having a third party (such as a contractor or project developer) register as a Project Sponsor (in which case the Project Sponsor must have the customer sign, and must upload, the Project Sponsor - Customer Agreement);

To register as a Project Sponsor click here or click the EnerTrek® logo.


For more information and assistance, please contact Charles Winkle, Program Manager, Frontier Energy, at cwinkle@frontierenergy.com.