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Retro Commissioning Market Transformation Program (MTP)

Retro Commissioning Market Transformation Program (MTP)

This site contains information about Xcel Energy's Retro-commissioning Program which is designed to provide commercial customers the opportunity to have an expert evaluation of their building operations at no cost. The retro-commissioning (RCx) study will focus on identifying low payback measures at their facilities to reduce peak demand and save energy. Customers will have the opportunity to receive incentives for eligible retro-commissioning measures that are implemented. In addition, capital projects may also be identified for these customers. The capital projects that are implemented may be eligible for cash incentives.

The program is administered by Willdan Energy Solutions for Xcel Energy.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 program year.


The Retro-commissioning Program was developed for participating commercial customers to receive an RCx study to identify and implement operational improvements, resulting in peak demand reduction and annual energy savings. The program includes identification of all types of eligible energy efficiency projects and incentive payments for implementation of these recommendations. Cash incentives are based on verified demand and energy savings that occur at Xcel Energy distribution sites or eligible institutional customers’ sites as a result of implementing the identified RCx measures. Customers are not required to implement all the measures identified, but will only receive incentive payments for the verified savings resulting from the implementation. Capital projects that are implemented are also eligible for cash incentives.

Please refer to Program Manual and Information Sheet for complete details.


To become an RCx agent, please complete the Master Service Agreement (MSA). The MSA can be sent to Al Dugas at adugas@willdan.com. Once approved, the RCx agent can submit eligible customer projects to the program.


For more information and assistance, please contact Al Dugas, Program Manager, Willdan Energy Solutions, at adugas@willdan.com.