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Residential and Hard-to-Reach
Standard Offer Program

Program Downloads

Program Downloads

Residential and Hard-to-Reach Program Manual and SOP Agreement

Income Verification Forms

In order to obtain the higher incentives allowed for measures installed in "hard-to-reach" customer homes and multi family dwellings, Project Sponsors must complete the appropriate Commission-approved form.

Household Self Certification Form of Income Eligibility for Full Incentive Energy Efficiency Services

This statement is made to verify an individual customer's household income. It is to be used to certify "hard-to-reach" status for an individual dwelling or an individual multi family unit when an entire complex cannot be certified using the Category 1 or Category 2 method described below.

Whole-Complex Tenant Certification for Multi Family Dwellings

Project Sponsors may use this form to verify that at least 75 percent of the units: (1) are rented by income eligible customers, and (2) have a separate electric meter. Contractors participating in the programs receive higher incentive payments when at least 75 percent of the tenants in an individual complex qualify as income eligible. One form must be filled out for each qualifying multi-family apartment complex.


Page 2 of the tenant certification form is to be used if the tenant rental applications for multifamily dwelling occupants meet the following criteria:

  • are dated within the past 18 months
  • show the number of individuals residing in the unit
  • show the household income, and
  • meet the eligibity criteria for at least 75% of the occupants.

Otherwise, the household income for at least 75% of the occupants must be verified using the Household Income Self Certification form (above).

Customer Affidavit Forms

All Project Sponsors are required to obtain a signed customer certificate after measure installation and prior to invoicing Xcel Energy. The Customer Affidavit Forms are available to download in Adobe Acrobat.

Host Customer Agreement

All Project Sponsors are required to utilize certain provisions in their Host Customer Agreement. Xcel Energy has produced a sample agreement that complies with the Company's requirements:

TDHCA Standards

All measure installations should comply with the standards in the TDHCA Standards Manual.

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