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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Residential customers participate in the program?

Yes, Residential customers are eligible to have measures installed at their homes as part of this Program. Participating host customer’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Commit to an energy-efficiency project.
  • Enter into an agreement with the selected Market Actor.
  • Provide an independent evaluator access to project facilities after project completion for installation inspection.

For projects in the Single-Family Residential Category, participants must be residential customers living in residences of four units or less.

Q. Who can submit an application to be a Market Actor?

The Residential HES Program is open to a wide range of contractors, service companies, and community agencies. Market Actors can submit applications for projects with as little as $250 in incentives.

Are there certain limits on Incentive Payments?

Due to the high payments on Low-income LED’s, only homes that have at least 2 other completed measures will be eligible for the installation of LED’s

Q. Are previously treated customers eligible for this program?

Previously Treated Customers are Ineligible for this Program:
There have been energy efficiency programs in the past five to ten years that have treated residential customers for certain measures included in the HES program. Xcel Energy program managers want to emphasize to Project Sponsors that customers previously served by these programs are not eligible to receive the same services or measure installations under the current HES. For example, a showerhead and faucet aerator retrofit program was conducted at multi-family and single family residences during the late nineties. Over 40,000 showerheads were distributed through this program. Customers served under this previous program will not be eligible for showerhead retrofits.

Q. Where can I find the current official version of the Program Manual and Contract?

The current official manual and contract are available here program manual and the downloads pages of this site. Please check back here frequently for news on recent changes.

Q. Does Xcel Energy offer any tools to help project sponsors estimate project impacts?

Yes, a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet is available to help estimate impacts based on user inputs and assumptions. Please carefully read the disclaimer before downloading and using the file. Find the current file on the downloads page.